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New Orleans Louisiana Cornbread Dressing
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Louisiana Cornbread Dressing


5 cups corn bread
10 slices whole wheat bread
    (or French bread) slightly
    hard from stale or toasting
2 cups finely cut celery
1 ½ cups shallots with tops,
    cut fine
½ cup finely cut onion
½ cup minced parsley
¼ cup butter or margarine
4 tsp salt
¼ tsp cayenne
½ tsp black pepper
3 tsp sage (optional)
2 well-beaten eggs


Simmer gizzard, heart and neck in a quart of water until tender.  Add liver and cook a few minutes more until done.  Cut all meat fine for dressing.  Sauté celery, shallots and onions in the butter until done but not brown; add seasonings, more or less than amounts suggested to suit individual taste.  Soak the toasted bread in broth from giblets, squeeze dry and mix well with the crumbled cornbread.  Combine with the sautéed seasonings, parsley, minced giblets and sufficient liquor from the giblets to make a moist dressing.  Stuff turkey.  (Allow about one cup of stuffing for each pound of turkey.)  This dressing is wonderful.  Bake in a shallow pan.  Bake to deep golden brown.  Completely different than as stuffing.

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